Gravity Wind Man

The Artwork of Joseph Leo Messina, Jr.

Welcome to the Art Gallery of Joseph Leo Messina, Jr. This site serves as a portal into the world of Messina's Art, Life and Inventions.


To learn more about what inspires Messina's artwork, please review the biography section of this site. Insight on his life, thoughts and accomplishments can be found there.

For Messina's statement on this body of work, please review the statement section.

If you are interested in viewing Messina's artwork, it can be found in the gallery section of this site. The articles on display are his current works. These works come down and go up periodically so please be sure to bookmark and visit this site often to see the ever changing current of his work. The gallery also contains video documentary on the process, brush making, and adjustments made during the process, or click the links at the bottom of the main gallery section.

 Messina's work is expansive, however all his works are not displayed on this website at the current time.

Please click here to view Messina's latest gallery of work, "Rippen".

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